fast paced weekend!! Time to catch my breath!!




Hey Guys! I have been moving so fast these past few weeks! I haven’t even had time to tell you half of what I have been doing! Its been a crazy New Year thats for sure! With my goals in place and my new way of thinking , I have been on a mission to change the way my life has been going. Those changes include spending more time doing the things I love such as traveling and spending time with my family.  I set goals in place where I can do this with no excuses involved and at this moment I am feeling great about my choices.  Realizing that tomorrow is not promised I have gained a new respect for living life to the fullest and stepping outside of your comfort zone.. It is so hard for us to do that when we get comfortable which is why Im learning to switch things us a bit.  Soo with that being said I am going to be her to let you in on the fast paced life of mine this year and make this truly an Uniquely mines experience!


P.S. I think my motto for this year should be ” Catch Me If You Can! ” lol

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