Super Bowl Weekend Recap


Yes the Giants come off with a win for Super Bowl 46! A great game I must add!  With all the excitement of watching the game and checking out the commercials and oh yea seeing that halftime show it was alot going on!  I don’t even know where to start!


Game highlights: The Giants showed they had heart today and really earned  that sacred trophy. Victor Cruz started off with the first touchdown and from there the Giants were untouchable. The Patriots didn’t have a chance against the defense of the Giants which was very surprising. Tom Brady couldn’t get any completed throw because the Giants defense was in his face and blocking every throw he attempted. I was really shocked at the Patriots Offense to say the least!  I knew the game would be close though and the Giants made sure to let there last efforts count with a touchdown with less than a minute left on the clock.  This was a super close game and the best team won I guess! My prediction was for the Pats but boy was I wrong on that!  Great job Giants!!


Halftime performance: ehh… it was cool.. I was amazed more so by the graphics that they had although I did like some of the songs that Madonna performed. It was great to see such a variety of  artist on stage with Madonna and seeing her perform some of her early hits.  Nicki Minaj, Cee-lo and Lmfao were also guest performers on stage with Madonna for the half time show and they did a great job as well.


Superbowl commercials: Booo… they really sucked this year! The only ones I really liked was the budlight with the dog and the M&M commercial. The rest of them Yaaawwnn!!  Half of them I didnt even pay attention too and thats unlike me thats usually my favorite part!  oh well they should have saved the Jackson Hewitt commercial til SuperBowl if you ask me that would have been classic.


What were some of your highlights of todays big game?

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