#Getting Your Mind Right: Trust your Gut… the first time around




Don’t you hate when you have a gut instinct about something but you still ignore that little voice inside of you… What happens when you ignore that little voice? I can tell you the answer to that very easily.. everything goes down hill and you are left with regret of why you didn’t listen to that voice. Over my past few years of living I have finally learned to take head of that little voice because its put there for a reason.  It seems the more that you ignore that voice the more goes wrong and then you start playing that coulda, shoulda, woulda game in your head.   This year I have vowed to be quiet and actually listen to that little voice so I can avoid playing the coulda, shoulda, woulda’s.. Here is what I have learned so far and its only the beginning of the year..



When the  gut instinct  speaks listen to it. It is telling you something that is important and that you should know. That little voice is not there to harm you but to protect you so that you can not be harmed.

Know that what you feel is the right choice and have no doubts about it!  Sometimes we  can drag a  decision to death by pondering over it too long. Don’t think about the decision or choice too long it will take your focus off of moving to the next step or goal that you need to accomplish. I am notorious for doing this and from time to time I have to remember to keep moving forward and stop wasting time thinking about the choice that I made. If you are following your gut then there is no reason to look any other direction other than forward.

When you trust those instincts you will be a much better and happier person!  While I am not completely there I have seen a major difference in the way that life presents itself to me and the way that I handle things.  You too can be a happier person when you trust that gut!


Knowing that you are making a difference in your life and making better decisions is key !  I hope you all learn to trust your gut in situations that affect your lives!!


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