Author: Joseph Sandoval

A friend of mine had a computer that crashed and she lost all of her pictures that she had saved on the computer. I felt so bad for her because she had a lot of pictures saved, and she lost literally years of pictures. I take so many pictures of our family and I do not want to risk losing the thousands of pictures I have saved on my computer. Luckily we recently got satellite internet fromĀ, so I have decided to save the pictures online. The website that I decided to use has sales on print orders, so I will be able to print out my pictures for a pretty good price. It also allows customers to send photos to family and friends directly from the website. I know my parents will love looking at all of the pictures. I can even store videos on the website, and it has unlimited memory storage. At least now I will not have to worry about running out of memory on my computer and hopefully my computer will begin running faster.

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