Where are you on your 2012 Goals? Keep Pushing its not over yet!



What did you list as your goals for the year? What is standing between you and your goals? Is it you?  I asked myself  that question today when I went down my list and discovered that I was wayyy behind! In my Goal of becoming a business owner I have run into a lot of different things that must get done behind the scenes before I can make my big debut! It seems to get a little boring and frustrating at times but i have to keep focusing on what I know the end result will be.  This is where the visionboard comes in hand. Everytime I look at it I begin to get reenergized and focused on meeting my deadlines! The vision boards definitely make a difference and allow you too see the paths you should take and encourages you to do the impossible. I guess I need to do a lot more working and less daydreaming so these dreams can become reality though!



So how do you stay focused on your Goals?

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