Old School Saturday: Hip Hop Classics… Goodie Mob




A hip hop favorite! Goodie Mob from back in the 1990’s man those were the days.. The south was just getting there “swag” and who would have know the Cee-lo would be on NBC  as a judge on “The Voice”? I know they never imagined that they would reach so many people all over the world and sell millions of records. Goodie Mob was definitely one of my favorite Rap groups from back in the day along with Outkast. I was a Dungeon family fan for life after hearing these two groups! It awesome to be able to go back and listen to the music from the 90’s and see how far music has come…. With that being said I hope to leave you to Cell Therapy… *singing “who’s that peeping in my window….Pow..Nobody now!! lol Have a good weekend my friends and Enjoy!!

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