Learning what your purpose is…. My Story and tips to help you find your purpose



We all are in search of finding out why we are here on this earth. We want to know what our purpose is and what we need to do to fulfill that purpose. My journey for finding purpose in life has been one that I consider a blessing that at one point and time I saw it as a curse. I wanted so much to not do what I did for a living that I was trying to find any and every other career I could think of to do. But as I spoke to this lady one day and was telling her what kind of job I was looking for she said to me that “you already found what you need to be doing, no one else can do this job with as much passion as you so stick with this and see where it takes you”. Well years later I realized that I truly was meant to be in my current field. I challenged my self to reach the top of  my education for my current field and began to dream and put into action that I wanted to be my own boss and further my accomplishments in my current field.


That dream was manifested 5 years ago and now I am fulfilling my dream of working for myself. While on this journey of  finding my passion I began to dream and visualize what I wanted to do in my life and what I could not live without. I must admit that I read many books and spent many nights frustrated as to the route that I should take. I began to meditate and pray and things began to shape up and dreams started becoming reality.  I constantly wonder with amazement how these things manifested and I also began to realize that I am very blessed to be where I am now.  I have not told my story to many people but the ones who do are truly amazed by what I have accomplished and how I planted a seed over 5 years ago and it is beginning to take root and grow.

So with that being said If I had to give advice on learning what your purpose is I would  give you this advice. Look at what you do on a daily basis that you enjoy.  Is there something that you are passionate about whether helping the less fortunate or children? It may be sewing or painting.. Just find what it is that you enjoy then go from there. It may not be a million dollar idea but it is something that will make your heart feel like you were meant to do it.  Another thing is to talk to your close friends and ask them what they feel you are good at, something that they come to you with because they feel you know more about it. Thats a great starting point to helping you find your passion and what your purpose is here on earth.


What is your purpose??

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