A Week with Less Meat…. #Make Your Life Better




So I have given myself a challenge to go semi vegatarian for one week! I started 3 days ago on this challenge and it has been quite easy to adapt to so far. I decided that I would eat meat for only one meal a day and the other meals I would be eating only vegatarian dishes. As I decided to challenge myself on this I knew I had to make that dreaded trip to the  grocery store. Why is it that all the healthy foods cost more money? I swear I spend 2 times as much on groceries when I try to eat healthy. Oh well and thanks to Pin it I have found quite a few recipes to try while I find foods to substitute meat. Tonight I tried the skillet vegatarian lasagna which was awesome! I topped it off with a glass of redwine and I am pleased to report that I really didnt miss the meat!  I will continue to update on the dishes that I make and the progress of going with less meat. I want to eventually go with no meat for an entire month.. that would be awesome! So I will keep you posted on my progress and let you know how I feel as far as health wise after eating little to no meat.  I have heard that it gives you a lot more energy.. but after this wine tonight I beg to differ but I am only 3 days in.. Stay tuned for my progress at the end of the week!  Check out the recipes here.

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