Discovering YOU… Step you can take to discover your true self



We all spend most of our lives focusing on others building our communities and just barely making it through life on a daily basis. I have definitely spent my share of time living and doing as others think I should do. My wake up call was me searching for something to make me happy and it was definitely not where I was. I wanted more and I knew that the life that I had was not the one that I wanted. So I began to sit down and think and read and discover things that I liked and that I wanted to pursue. I began with a vision board  and slowly began achieving the goals that I wanted. When discovering YOU  there is nothing like the feeling of achieving your goals and where you want to be. Discovering YOU is a life long journey but it begins with taking time out to see what it is you are passionate about or what it is that you have been yearning to do.


Steps to help you discover YOU:


1. visualize where you want to be, places you want to discover then get to writing them down in a journal! I recommend creating a vision board so that you can see your goals and place them where you can see them everyday.

2. get to work on those plans! You dont have to conquer something big just one step at a time leads to you succeed at your goals. My point:start small it will lead to something big.

3. Listen to your inner voice and do what feels right in your heart. when you drown out the negativity around you and listen to that positive voice inside of you, you are living the life that is meant for you and no one else.

4. Stay positive and revisit you goals and visions often. reevaluate you goals each year and reflect on what you have accomplished.





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