Great things to come for 2012! What will be your life changing moment this year?






This year I promised myself that I would live outside of the box and concur my fears. I was tired of living day to day and not having any joy or real reason to enjoy life. It was get up, go to work come home and go to bed. One day last year I decided that there was way more to life than just the working and just surviving. I wanted to live life and and have fun while I was doing it. I decided that I would live my life on my terms of happiness and not others.  On Jan. 1st this year I did that. I became myself again and guess what? I liked it! I vowed from then to follow that small voice inside of me and prepare to do as they say Epic s*&^% for this year and beyond. People around me notice the changes in my life and the ones who are supportive are still there and the ones they weren’t are long gone. After four months of living my “best life yet” I have to say that I feel pretty good based on using my gut instincts about situations and people and just in general about where I want my life to be right now. Now I have to admit that I was terrified at making some decisions but I have a greater faith in a higher power that I believe will not steer me wrong. Today I just felt the need to share  a little bit of how I am feeling with it being four months into the year and seeing how far I have come so far. I must say as I look back it looks amazing!!


Have you had your life changing moment this year?  How do you feel after making that big decision?

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