Making the decision to make life work for you by using “No Excuses”









Our lives can be filled with lots of ups and downs over time, and there is a point where we begin to be on auto pilot and we stop thinking about things we once treasured.  We start off young and full of dreams for the future and what it may hold. But somewhere along the path of life we get side tracked and those dreams slowly fade to the back of our mind as we begin to fill our lives with many excuses.  I know this because I in fact began living my life that way. Until  one day I realized that my life was going stale and there was no excitement. I was tired of working a job making money for everyone and I was doing all the work.  One day I caught Dr. Wayne Dyer on television and he was talking about his new book “Excuses Begone”. He talked about all the excuses we give every day for not living the life we know we deserve. I was amazed at the excuses he gave because I was saying those same excuses everyday and actually believing them to be true. Some excuses he used  were “Im too tired”, I can’t afford it” , It never happened before”. Those are just a few of the excuses that  are mentioned in his book. We all tend to use excuses when it comes to moving in a new direction. We are so fearful of change that most of us just resort to continuing to do the same thing over and over and keep making excuses.

Well after reading this book, I realized that my life could change and for the better. I decided to do some deep soul searching and figure out what it was that I really wanted out of life. As my journey for change began, I realized that I could be fearless and live the best life that I deserve. Its a challenge to change your old ways and follow your dreams.  This year I have taken advantage of following my dreams and I believe that others can do the same if they just have a little faith and believe.  On this journey I want you guys to join me and follow along as I show you the ups and downs and the rewards of following your dreams.  follow me on twitter @uniquely_mines

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