My Birthday milestone and what to do for the upcoming year






So another birthday has passed and another year has gone by. This past year has been very enlightening to say the most. I began my journey early last year transitioning into some one I truly wanted to be. I threw away all self doubt and started chasing my dreams and getting uncomfortable with myself and guess what? I loved it! I spent my 31st year of living doing things that I wanted to do and getting rid of people who did not matter. It definitely feels amazing to truly be myself and live a life with NO EXCUSES!  I emphasize that a lot because for years I truly did not live the life that I wanted. I created new excuses and believed others were right when they said I could not achieve something. I truly had a light bulb moment last year and decided my life needed to be just that MY LIFE! I am really amazed at my transformation and the blessings that I have received by following my dreams. I just hope to continue on this journey and along the way encourage others to follow their dreams as well. As I look on the journey I have had so far I am speechless and proud of the things I have done. I know that year 32 will only get better! It is truly liberating and free to live as you want and to go after what ever dream you have. If only people knew the peace of mind they would have if they let go of fears and started living their dreams. So as far as this next year I’m hoping to accomplish many goals and continue traveling and living the way I want to live.   What are your dreams and goals? Are you any closer to getting the life you deserve?

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