Love and HipHop is it a Love and train wreck?










With Reality TV taking over our televisions right now, people are going to many extremes to make themselves look ridiculous on the screen. As if we didn’t have enough drama on Houswives of Atlanta now we have to deal with it in Love and Hip Hop. For  the past few weeks I have seen women openly get abortions and openly sleep with other women’s men. Like really??? Since when do we have to stoop this low just to get a few ratings?  And it seems the more drama these folks bring the higher the paychecks. But when all is said and done is it worth your reputation being ruined?  People will never forget what you did and the camera’s have captured that moment in time forever. I think my dislike about this is how it portrays women and the black community as a whole. It makes it seem as if we don’t have anything better to do with our lives other than cause drama and screw men. Then the men that they are screwing or fighting over aren’t even worth the time of day! I just don’t get it and maybe I never will.  Like for instance this whole Diamond and Scrappy situation? Ok he got his heart broken and she left him for Soulja Boy right. So then she says she doesn’t want to be on the show anymore and leaves. S/N I would too from the looks of Scrappy mom, that woman scares me.. smh. So now it is reported that Diamond and Soulja Boy will be in the next  Season of Love and Hip hop Atl.  Smh.. More drama with no real purpose! I just don’t get why they need to have such needless drama from these folks. But Im guessing its for ratings and to feed the need of those who just love drama!  What is your take on this whole Love and Hip Hop Atlanta this season?

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