Tips to kick start your New Year off in the right direction





The new year is the perfect time for time for change in your life. If last year didn’t quite turn out like you wanted, guess what you get a do over starting now. I love the new year because I get start on my year of planning and deciding what I plan to accomplish for the year. ¬†That means new weightloss goals, new family vacations to plan and new things to try. If you are one that doesn’t like change then you probably dread the new year. New laws, New people in office, and usually changes to the office come during this time as well. So if your not ready I suggest you start getting ready by following these tips for the new year.


1.) Make a vision board for the year ahead. Place things on the board that you would like to accomplish this year and things that may be long term as well but that you want to focus on.


2.)  Clear out the clutter in your home. This includes clothes, shoes, furniture that has no use any longer, and projects that have been sitting for more than one year.


3.) Start small with goals. Don’t try to over do it in the first month because if you do you are likely to not continue doing it. So start with something small to do first then go from there. For example if you are looking to lose weight start off with not drinking so many sodas a day. Then work your way up to no sodas as a goal. Every little thing helps with the bigger picture. You have to start somewhere.

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